"I believe that it is not necassary to intimidate or threaten our dogs in the name of training."

At Citizen Canine, I will teach you to provide guidance and structure to help your dog, whether a puppy or a senior citizen, to succeed at every step of the way and become a safe, well-mannered and cherished member of your family.


My mission is to help produce well-socialised, well-behaved dogs with informed, responsible and satisfied owners.


To provide the most effective and enjoyable behaviour solutions for owners and their dogs.

To teach ‘both ends of the leash’ to enjoy the training process and to better understand each other’s individual strengths, and areas of need.


To create a positive learning environment for you and your dog


My name is Kim, and I'm a nationally certified Canine Behaviour Trainer. My passion for animals started from an early age, enjoying the company of much-loved family dogs and an array of varied pets.

With a background in education, I moved to Sydney to explore my career options before following my heart to start working with dogs in 1995. I re-settled in Tasmania in 2000 to have my own family and continue my career in canine behaviour. I'm a passionate believer in the use of scientifically proven, force-free, humane training methods for all animals.

I completed the Delta Society Australia’s Certificate IV in Canine Behavioural Training in 2006 and have a strong commitment to ongoing education by attending yearly seminars around Australia in order to provide my clients with the most up to date knowledge on canine behaviour and training.

I'm a member of the Australian Pet Dog Trainers (Tasmanian regional representative), Delta Professional Dog Trainers Association and the Pet Professional Guild Australia. I was previously a co-operator with Paws n People Positive Dog Training. When not working, I spend my time with my two growing children and partner, enjoying the company of their much loved Labrador, cheeky cat, and silky chickens on her small property just outside Hobart.


Tarkine is my six-year-old yellow Labrador, he joined our family in 2012 after spending 18months in Ron Barwick minimum security prison Tasmania. Tarkine was chosen at 8 weeks of age, along with two other puppies to be placed in a program piloted in the prison, each of the three pups then spent the next 16 months living with two primary carers and an assistant (who had all met stringent selection criteria). Their goal was to care for the pups and assist in their development toward reaching service-dog standard in Australia.


The dogs would then fine-tune their training skills in the Sydney training facility. If successful they would go on to partner with a special someone with a physical disability for lifelong support and friendship.

The program was the first of its kind in Tasmania and I jumped at the chance to be involved in such a positive program as the trainer. I volunteered to train the men and their dogs. I believed that having the inmates involved in positive reinforcement dog training would give them the opportunity to experience how learning can occur without punishment, something they may not have experienced in their personal lives. I felt that the experiences would influence the men's relationships with all living beings.


Over the duration of the program, the men became increasingly more aware of the effectiveness of positive- reinforcement; they were able to witness methods utilising kindness that could yield amazing results.


Two of the pups went on to complete their service dog training in Sydney, however, Tarkine had a mild disability of his own that prevented him from such an intense working life/career. Fortunately, I was delighted to be asked if I would like to have Tarkine join my family.  Well, it didn’t take long to make my decision – YES!

The prison environment taught Tarkine and I many skills, Tarkine now happily takes off my socks and puts them in the laundry basket and he even helps me hang out the washing, But, there are some shortcomings to living in such a regulated environment. He did love to chase chickens, rabbits, birds and cats, he did pull on lead – badly, and he did get over excited, he did grumble when he had a bone and many other issues too.

I have watched Tarkine develop into a delightful gentleman who now watches over his small flock of chickens, sleeps with the cat, ignores bunnies and even brings his bones to me as if almost to share!

Tarkine enjoys his new role as a support worker for disengaged youth, supporting autism awareness, as an educator in pet programs, public demonstrations and of course carrying everything – the mail, shopping, and firewood.


Tarkine also enjoys showing off his extensive skills and tricks to anyone who will watch.


Tarkine is a delight, he is my best friend, and I feel very honoured to share my life with him.